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HFTW=Heritage For The Future


Use an arrow with a 1% chance to be obtained. (Same with Star Platinum Heritage For The Future)


Tw hftf.png

Looks like the world but only with a faded gold-ish color for it's helmet and air tank. The rest of it's body is green.


E - MUDA barrage | Unleashes a flurry of kicks to the opponent dealing 6.2 damage per hit

R - MUDA Strong punch | Hurls a devastating punch at the opponent dealing 30 damage

T - Knife throw | Self explanatory. This move seems to be glitched.

Y - Hmph. | The user charges their arm, and dash forward punching the opponent. This move does 25% of damage to the opponent

G - Pose | Self explanatory.

F - Time Stop I The time stop's for 1-5 seconds, with a minimum cooldown of 63 seconds

H - Space ripper stingy eyes | The user unleashes two purple eye beams that deal an epic 70 damage

Z - Stand jump | The user jumps with his stand

X - Block | The stand blocks

C - Roll | The user does a roll

B - MUDA Kick | The stand does a strong upward kick dealing 40 damage

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